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The 14 Best Toothbrush Holder in 2022 Reviews – Consumer Reports

A toothbrush holder is a great item to organize your bathroom’s counter, making it clean and tidy. These holders store toothbrushes and toothpaste, ensuring they remain hygienic by staying away from dirt and other unfavorable elements. In this piece, we will discuss everything you need to know about this accessory, ensuring you can choose the best toothbrush holder for your bathroom. These holders keep your paste and brush upright, keeping the bristles away from germs and bacteria.

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Types of Best Toothbrush Holder

Knowing the different types of toothbrush holders available in the market will help you make a well-informed decision when choosing one. Let us discuss the options you can choose and what makes each variant unique.

  • Electric Toothbrush Holder

Electric toothbrushes are becoming highly popular. They prevent you from scrubbing your teeth endlessly by doing the brushing for you. For those who don’t know, electric toothbrushes are different and often larger than their traditional counterparts. Luckily, toothbrush holders are made specifically for storing electric toothbrushes, keeping them away from dirt and germs.

  • Bathroom Toothbrush Holder

Almost every bathroom has one or multiple toothbrushes. Keeping them on your sink wouldn’t be a wise idea as you never know how clean it is. You can use a bathroom toothbrush holder instead. You can mount it on your wall, store it inside a cupboard, or keep it at your sink.  

  • Kids Toothbrush Holder

If there is one thing that kids hate, it is brushing their teeth. A toothbrush holder for kids may be an excellent option to convince them to clean their teeth. These holders are often fancy and are available in various attractive colors – an excellent accessory to store kid’s toothbrushes.

  • Wall Toothbrush Holder

If you want to prevent your toothbrushes from falling, opting for a wall toothbrush holder wouldn’t be a bad idea. As its name suggests, a wall toothbrush holder can attach to your bathroom’s wall providing you easy access to your brush while keeping it hygienic.  

  • Travel Toothbrush Holder

Travelling can be incredibly convenient, especially when you don’t have the right accessories to carry your stuff. In particular, your toothbrush may get exposed to dirt, grime, and other elements while in your bag or suitcase. A travel toothbrush holder will protect your brush from components, keeping it tidy and sanitary throughout your travels.

Best Toothbrush Holder Reviews

Are you looking for a high-quality toothbrush holder? Here is a list of the best ones you can choose to store your toothbrush and related items.

1. HB Life

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HB Life is famous for its excellent toothbrush holders. If you are looking for a durable accessory to hold your toothbrush, toothpaste, and other accessories, try its stainless steel holder. It features four slots for toothbrushes and one for a toothpaste. What’s most impressive about this accessory is its compact size and lightweight.

This toothbrush holder by HB Life can last for years without developing cracks or rust. What’s more, you can place it wherever you please, and it will not slip or fall.  Its slots are immensely precise and can fit almost every shape and size.  Plus, this product’s beautiful design makes an excellent addition to wherever you install it.

2. Joseph Joseph Easy Store

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Is your family large? If the answer is yes, you may need multiple storage compartments and slots for your toothbrush and toothpaste. Consider using this excellent toothbrush holder by Joseph Joseph. Its toothbrush caddy has six sections and provides ample space to organize your oral care items like dental floss, toothpaste, toothbrushes, and electric brushes.

Cleaning and maintaining this product is incredibly straightforward. All you need to do is dismantle it and follow the latter part of this piece’s cleaning instructions. The Joseph Joseph toothbrush holder contains a ventilation hole and a non-slip base, providing you added convenience when washing and drying it.

Like every high-quality toothbrush holder, this one will not fall even if you place it on a slippery surface.

3. Eslite Toothbrush and Toothpaste Holder

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Are you searching for a kid-friendly, durable, and simple toothbrush holder? If yes, try the Eslite toothpaste and toothbrush holder. It contains three large holes for your rinsing cups, five slots for your toothbrushes, and two for your toothpaste. Families with five to six members will particularly benefit from this product because of its ample storage.

While this item is light in weight, it remains sturdy and can be placed anywhere. What’s more, this holder has a great look and complements different designs, ensuring you can keep it wherever you please. You will not face much trouble maintaining this product as disassembling it, and putting it back together is quite simple. That said, you must still clean your toilet to ensure this holder is free from germs and doesn’t need frequent maintenance.

4. Airmoon Mini Ceramics for Bathroom Vanity Countertops

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The last thing you want for a small bathroom is a large toothbrush stand. It will take too much space, making your bathroom cluttered and crowded. If you own a small washroom and want a compact yet spacious toothbrush holder, look no further than this ceramics toothbrush holder by Airmoon.

 Its practical and minimalist design makes for an excellent addition to any bathroom, ensuring you can place it anywhere without worrying about your toothbrush’s hygiene. Bacteria and germs thrive in damp and dark places, and storing your toothbrushes in this holder will protect them from these elements. What’s most impressive about this product is that you don’t need to dry it separately. It contains vents that prevent water accumulation, keeping your brush tidy.

5. Tooletries the Harvey Silicone Toothbrush and Razor Holder

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Tooletries is a renowned brand famous for its unique toothbrush holders. Its model, the Harvey Silicone, is incredibly versatile and can store multiple grooming items making your morning routine quite efficient. You can also store your razor inside this accessory and access it without any hassle.

The Harvey Silicone model comes with a multi-purpose pouch, allowing you to store several items to save your bathroom space. As far as maintaining this accessory goes, it will be a breeze as it has several drainage holes to keep water and other bad elements away from your toothbrush and other grooming products.

What makes this model by Tooletries stand out is its sturdy build. The company used a high-quality, anti-bacterial material to construct it, ensuring it resists mold and fungi growth.

6. Gum Antibacterial Toothbrush Covers for Travel or Home

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Do you travel a lot? Storing toothbrushes and other oral hygiene accessories are quite difficult when on the go. You often risk exposing them to germs, bacteria, dirt, and grime by storing them in suitcases or handbags. Fortunately, GUM has a solution for you – its anti-bacterial toothbrush holder is perfect for travelers with insufficient storage.

You can store this compact item wherever you please, providing your toothbrush and toothpaste with sanitary storage space. Sure, this product may not be too fancy, but it gets the job done. Its build is highly durable and can tolerate pressure when stored in bags and suitcases with other luggage. You will find an easy-to-snap cover at the top of this product, which is an excellent addition to ensure your items remain protected while traveling.

7. OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Toothbrush Organizer

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While there are hundreds, if not thousands of toothbrush holders available in the market, not all of them are durable, and neither do they have enough slots to store your toothbrushes. What’s more, some of them can’t stay in one place without slipping. If you face such issues with your current toothbrush organizer, it would be best if you switched to this product by OXO Good grips.

This stainless steel organizer is as durable as they come and can remain sturdy in even the slipperiest of places. It contains four slots for toothbrushes and one large space for a toothpaste.  The stainless steel used to manufacture this product is rust-free, so you can rest easy, knowing that this product will last longer and require minimal maintenance.  

8. Inter Design Eva Toothbrush Holders for Kids’ Bathrooms

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Inter Design is a highly-acclaimed toothbrush holder brand. While this company provides a vast range of toothbrush holders, this model is arguably its best. One of the best things about the Eva Toothbrush holders is its compact design, a great addition for people with small spaces.

Despite its compact design, this holder can store four toothbrushes and toothpaste with ease. More importantly, it helps you organize your oral health items according to your preference. The Inter Design toothbrush holder has a tidy stand to protect your toothbrush, preventing it from touching the bathroom floor or sink. Plus, its chrome finish and visually pleasing look will improve the look of any place you store it.

9. iHave Toothbrush Holder Wall Mounted with Large Capacity

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The iHave toothbrush holder is the perfect accessory for individuals looking to mount their accessory on the wall. Installing this product is easy, and you will not require a pro craftsman’s help to do the job. Like other holders mentioned in this list, this one is also quite easy to use and provides you easy access to your oral hygiene products.

As far as durability goes, this accessory is one of the best. It can withstand years of rough use without developing cracks and dents. With frequent maintenance, you can expect this product to last for many years. Detaching the iHave toothbrush holder is as easy as installing it, and the process will take no more than five minutes.

10. Simple Life Toothbrush Holder Wall Mounted

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Are you tired of your toothbrushes and toothpaste falling in your bathroom sink and looking for a solution? Well, look no further than the Simple Life Toothbrush Holder. It can grip every surface, making sure your oral hygiene and grooming items don’t fall. You can place this item onto your sink or wall-mount it anywhere.

It would be fair to say that this product is incredibly versatile and provides you with ample space to store your items.  Besides toothbrushes and toothpaste, you can also store your razor, comb, and other grooming accessories in this holder without worrying about it falling off. What’s more, you can even fit wide toothbrushes, fancy children’s brushes, and other types to save space in your bathroom.

11. Simple Houseware Multi-Functional 6 Slots

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Are you looking for a freestanding toothbrush holder with multiple slots? If the answer is yes, opting for the Simple Houseware toothbrush holder will be a great idea. While this product is primarily a toothbrush holder, you can also store your electric shaver, mouthwash, facial cleaner, shaving foam, hand soap, and an electric toothbrush inside it. 

You will have no complaints about this product’s durability as its manufacturer used high-quality materials to create it. So, even if this toothbrush holder falls on the floor or hits the wall, you will not notice any cracks. The Simple Houseware six-slot toothbrush holder has a visually pleasing design that matches a vast range of interior designs and colors. Plus, its build can grip any surface, making sure it remains at the same place, preventing your brush from falling.

12. House Sister Organic Diatomite Toothbrush Toothpaste

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The House Sister Toothpaste holder is a great option for people looking for a space-saving and elegant design. In most cases, toothpaste holders tend to form dirt and grime after months or weeks. However, this product is completely different, as the high-quality items used to make it prevents it from getting fungus or molds. 

What’s more, the House Sister Organic toothbrush and toothpaste holder is completely eco-friendly. So, if you are a friend of the environment, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that the items used to make this product were natural and didn’t harm the environment. Like other items on this list, this one is also quite compact yet spacious, a great addition for every bathroom.

13. Lyckatill Toothbrush Holder Automatic Toothpaste

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Many people are guilty of pouring too much toothpaste during their oral hygiene routines. It creates a mess and wastes a lot of paste. You can steer clear from these issues by using the Lyckatill toothbrush holder. This accessory stands out because of its great design and automatic features. In particular, the toothpaste feature is incredibly impressive, allowing you to pour just the right amount without wasting or creating a mess.

It also has ample capacity and can store five to six brushes, and one or two toothpaste tubes, organizing your entire oral hygiene kit in one place. Plus, this product’s eco-friendly design is a perfect option for people who care about the environment.

14. BHeadCat Automatic Toothpaste Dispenser Squeezer Wall Mount

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The B Head Cat is another automatic toothbrush holder and toothpaste dispenser in this list. However, this product has more features and extra storage spaces, perfect for five to six people.  Plus, this item is lightweight, but despite that, it doesn’t fall or form cracks after months or years. It does not need much maintenance and doesn’t form dirt and grime, as many others do.

Besides the excellent user-friendly features, this accessory has a unique, visually pleasing look that will enhance the aesthetic look of any area where you keep it. All you need to do is clean this toothbrush holder once or twice a month, and it will remain free from smells and last for many years.

How to Clean Your Toothbrush Holder?

While toothbrush holders keep your toothpaste and brushes safe, they may get exposed to germs, especially when you keep them in your bathroom. Fortunately, cleaning a toothbrush holder is relatively easy. Let us discuss some easy tips to clean your toothbrush holder, making sure it is clean and looks as good as new.

The Items You Will Need

  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Dishwashing gloves
  • Microfiber cloths
  • A tidy kitchen sink
  • Hot water

How to clean it

  • Start the cleaning process by placing your brushes on a washed microfiber cloth
  • Dismantle the holder if it has several parts
  • Soak every part of the holder inside a big bowl of hot water for ten to fifteen minutes
  • Drain the bowl and wipe the holder with a clean microfiber rag
  • Wear your dishwashing gloves to shield your skin against hot water
  • Mix two or three drops of dishwashing liquid inside the hot water
  • Dip a damp microfiber cloth inside the water and use it to clean your toothbrush holder in a circular motion
  • Rinse the holder thoroughly to remove the soap residue
  • Dry the toothbrush holder with another microfiber cloth

Note: If you are using an electronic toothbrush holder, remove its batteries before cleaning it with water.

Toothbrush Holder FAQs

Where is the best place to store your toothbrush?

While there are several places where you can store your toothbrush, the best place would be to keep it inside a toothbrush holder. Most holders are quite durable and don’t slip or fall; making sure your toothbrush remains germ-free.

Why does my toothbrush holder smell?

Not cleaning and maintaining the toothbrush holder often makes it dirty and smelly. Your holder may also give off odors if it has water stored in it for many days. It would be best to keep your toothbrush holder clean and dry, ensuring it is free from bad smells.

How do you keep your toothbrush germ free?

Keeping your toothbrush and its holder germ-free is not a tall task. On the contrary, it is incredibly easy. All you need to do is clean the toothbrush and its holding accessory properly.  You don’t need to clean the holder every day as once or twice per month would do the trick. However, it would be best to wash your toothbrush every time after brushing your teeth to protect it from germs. 

How do I sanitize my toothbrush?

Sanitizing a toothbrush is critical to increasing its longevity. Consider pouring some hot water over it before and after brushing your teeth. It would also help if you used an anti-bacterial mouthwash and an ultra violet toothbrush sanitizer to keep it neat and tidy.

Once you clean your brush, consider storing it inside a high-quality toothbrush holder preventing it from falling inside the sink or floor.

How far away should you keep your toothbrush from the toilet?

While there is no predetermined range to store your toothbrush from the toilet, it would be best if you kept it at least three to four feet away from the sink and toilet, depending on your bathroom’s size.

How often should you change your toothbrush holder?

As mentioned earlier, toothbrush holders are incredibly durable and can last for years with regular maintenance. Some accessories can even last around for two to five years without developing a crack.

You may replace your current toothbrush holder immediately if you notice cracks and holes in it (although it is highly unlikely.) However, if you still want to get a new one, changing them once every year or two wouldn’t be a bad idea.


Toothbrush holders are an essential item for every bathroom. They protect your toothbrush from germs, ensuring your oral hygiene remains uncompromised. Choosing the best toothbrush holder shouldn’t be difficult for you, especially considering the products mentioned and the information provided in this piece.

HB Life’s toothbrush holder is arguably the most durable and high-quality product you will find. The Joseph Easy store is a close second and provides you with ample storage space with an excellent aesthetic. No matter which product you choose from this list, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that you made the right choice to store your toothbrushes and toothpaste.

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