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The 12 Best Corner Desk in 2022 Reviews – Consumer Reports

There are plenty of things to pay attention to when it comes to working from home, but you absolutely need a desk. When it’s time to set things up, you want to make sure you have the best corner desk to help you out.

After all, a corner desk can give you even more space for the things you need and a great view of your space. But just how are you going to find what you need?

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7 Tips for Choosing the Perfect a Corner Desk

When it comes to choosing the perfect corner desk, you want to look at several different factors. We’re going to take a look at several of the most important and the ones that will make it easier for you to choose the right thing.

  • Material: Corner desks, or any desk, can be made out of different types of material. The best desks are made with either aluminum (or a heavier metal) or solid wood. However, you can get less expensive options made with Plexiglas or pressed wood and fiber-board. It’s all in what you want to spend and how long you want it to last.
  • Color: The color of your desk is limited only by your own imagination. If you want a desk in any color of the rainbow and several that aren’t, you can find it. And you can get desks with different patterns as well. It’s all about what you want for your space. 
  • Size: The size of the desk you want is going to depend on what you’re going to do with it. Some people want the smallest desk they can get to hold a computer, and that’s it. Others want a large, ornate desk that looks fancy and offers additional space for other things you want to have nearby.
  • Price: The price point that you have available to spend is going to depend entirely on you. But you should know that corner desks are available at any price point. You can get one that’s inexpensive, or you can get one that’s much larger and fancier, but it could cost you a bit more. 
  • Storage Space: If you’re going to be storing papers, using a desktop computer, or you want to have space for knick-knacks, you’ll need to look at a computer desk that has storage space. These might be drawers, shelves or cabinets, or some combination of all three. 
  • Cable Management Slot: A cable management slot makes it easier for you to keep everything organized on your desk and to avoid the tangle of cables that happens all too often when you put a lot of electronics in one area together. 
  • Slide-out keyboard tray: If you use a separate keyboard, you may want to look at a slide-out tray, but this isn’t a necessity. It depends on where you like your keyboard to sit and how you want to organize your desk. 

Best Corner Desk Reviews

Are you ready to take a look at the top ten corner desks available? Well then, you’re in luck because we’re going to get on it right now.

1. Walker Edison Corner Desk Home Office – Best Minimalist Desk

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The Walker Edison Corner Desk is an excellent option for those need a lot of surface space but not a lot of storage space. It’s an excellent option for designers, artists, and architects because you’ll be able to lay out all of your information or drawings with the wrap-around style. You also have plenty of space to move around from one side to the other in our office chair.

The rollout keyboard tray keeps your keyboard at a more comfortable level, and the glass surface means that it’s going to be easy to clean. Not only that, but the glass and metal design give your entire desk the minimalist, modern vibe you may be looking for. 


  • Glass and metal for modern design
  • Roll-out keyboard tray
  • Combine desks for more space
  • Accommodates multiple monitors


  • No storage space
  • Glass surface is easily scratched

2. Tribesigns Corner desk Computer Desk – Best Elegant Design

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If you want something that’s going to look sleek and elegant, then this is definitely the way to go. The Tribesigns Corner Desk has a gold metal frame that looks high end but doesn’t cost as much as high end.

It also has a faux marble finish that gives the same vibe. Or you can choose from several different wood-look options to set just the style you want in your office.

The desk is a wrap-around style that gives you two sides to work with and plenty of surface area across both sides. Not only that, but you’ll have a minimalist design that doesn’t have shelves, cabinets, or drawers that can get overloaded with extra things. Complete with 18-month quality assurance, you know you’re getting something good.


  • High-end design at budget pricing
  • Made with environment protection board
  • Steel frame for added durability


  • Instructions can be complicated
  • Some imperfections

3. Sauder Harbor View Corner Computer Desk – Best Wood Desk

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Sauder produces some high-quality wood products, and this is no exception. It’s a great looking corner desk that gives you plenty of surface space as well as plenty of storage space.

You’ll have a total of three drawers on one side and a cabinet on the other so you can store anything you might need access to while working. Plus, it has a slide-out tray for your keyboard and mouse.

Available in two different finishes, this computer desk is sturdy, American made and manufactured using engineered wood. That means it’s actually made with scraps that are left over from trimming and post-milling, and you’ll be helping to support the environment even as you’re getting a high-quality piece.


  • Recycled and green content
  • Cabinets and drawers for storage
  • Matching pieces available for complete office


  • Takes a long time to assemble
  • Drawers don’t slide out all the way

4. SHW L-Shape Corner Desk Computer Gaming– Best Professional Style

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When it comes to a corner desk, that doesn’t mean you need to get something huge. You can actually get something relatively small, like this one.

It still gives you enough space to spread out all of your materials and your computer with no problem. It’s made with particle board in a walnut look as well as steel for the base.

There’s a footrest bar under the desk to give you a little more comfort, and you’ll have adjustable gliders to stabilize the feet even if you have uneven floors. The sleek and simple design is great if you don’t want to take up a lot of your space with a desk but do need somewhere that you can work efficiently.


  • Small overall footprint
  • Easy to assemble
  • Gliders for uneven floors


  • Corners are quite sharp
  • Not high-end quality

5. Tempered Glass L Shape Corner Desk– Best Modern Desk

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A modern desk can create a great look for your den, office, or any other room in your house, and that’s what this Tempered Glass Corner Desk is all about.

The sleek stainless steel look and clear glass definitely give it a modern vibe and make sure that you have something high end in your office without having to spend a fortune.

The desk is interchangeable from right to left and has a slide-out keyboard tray to make it easier to use. You’ll also get a five-year warranty that says it’s going to last and work the way you expect. The powder coating and the tempered aspect of the glass make it more durable as well.


  • Right and left interchangeable
  • Five years limited warranty
  • Moisture resistant


  • Keyboard tray not interchangeable on sides
  • Keyboard tray is slightly too short

6. Homcom Corner Computer Desk Gaming – Best Futuristic Design 

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When it comes to modern, there are a couple of ways to go about it, and this is another great option. The HOMCOM Corner Desk comes in black glass with engineered wood and stainless steel look metal.

That makes it look like it’s a little more futuristic than just modern, and it gives you plenty of space to put all of the things you need.

This desk has wider legs to provide additional support and has accents of stainless steel to give it a unique look. It also has a slide-out keyboard tray and a portable stand for your computer tower if you need one. That way, everything is up and out of the way off the floor.


  • Slide-out computer tray
  • Heavy-duty and durable
  • Holds multiple monitors


  • Instructions are difficult to follow
  • Sides do not reverse

7. Tribesigns Desk with Storage Bookshelf for Home Office – Best Bookshelf Desk

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With the Tribesigns Desk with Hutch, you’re going to have a combination between minimalist design and a little storage space. You get two shelves on the side that allow you to store anything you need, including a computer tower. Not to mention plenty of space for anything you need on top of the desk and the three open-face cabinets on top.

This helps your storage space move upward instead of being under the desk. It also gives you a place where you can put items you need or knick-knacks that you want to show off. Made with engineered particleboard that’s designed with recycled products and a metal frame, you’re going to have the durability you need here.


  • Added storage space
  • Steel frame
  • Easy assembly


  • Cubbies are small
  • Instructions can be difficult

8. Bush Furniture Computer Desk Espresso – Best Stylish Computer Desk

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When it comes to getting a great looking computer desk, you’ll need to look no further than Bush Furniture’s Computer Desk. It’s a stylish oak colored desk, and it’s definitely sturdy and durable enough for anything you might need.

You’ll even get 60” of workspace on both sides and a depth of over two feet, so there’s enough room for all of your equipment and then some.

There are drawers, cubbies, and a cabinet with this desk, which makes it easy for you to store everything you need. Plus there’s a 4-port USB built right in, so it’s simple to keep all of your devices organized and plugged in. Also, the sleek design makes your office look even more professional.


  • High-end look
  • Integrated USB hub
  • Storage space built-in


  • Drawers are off alignment
  • Assembly can be complex

9. Monarch Specialties Hollow Desk – Best Crafting

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Setting up a large workstation can be a little more complicated, but if you have the right desk, it’s a lot better. This desk actually winds up close to the same size as most of the others we’ve mentioned, but what’s unique is the way it’s laid out.

You’ll have a lot of storage space here and two different levels for the desk’s top surface. You get open shelving as well as drawers and space to put anything you need. The white color is sleek and fresh, or you can opt for other colors instead.

It’s also made with engineered wood, so you know you’re getting something that’s inexpensive but still durable enough for regular use. Plus, you can swap from right to left-handed.


  • Switches to the left or right side
  • Plenty of open storage space
  • Great for crafting


  • Difficult to assemble
  • Shelves aren’t durable

10. Calico Designs Study Corner Desk – Best Small Space

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When it comes to getting the most for your money, you may want to take a look at this desk. It’s actually quite small, which is great for those who want to maximize the amount of space in a room.

It also comes in several different colors of metal and wood so you can choose something that matches your personal style as well as your space. With this desk, you’ll have a full-size shelf under as well as the main shelf and a narrow rack around the top.

Plus you’ll be able to hang anything you need on the bar at the top. It provides you with a decent amount of storage space with a small area and also lets you level out each leg individually for uneven surfaces.


  • Small size
  • Levels out for uneven surfaces
  • Multiple options available


  • Difficult to assemble
  • Not overly durable

Benefits of Corner Desks

Corner desks can be a great benefit for anyone because they fit in an often unused space. How often do you put furniture all the way into the corners of your rooms? And when you do, it means that you still have empty space behind them. A corner desk takes care of that issue by using up all of the available space in the most efficient way possible.

Another benefit is the lack of distractions. If you’re in a corner, it means that your back is to the rest of the room. While some people don’t like this idea as much, others like the fact that they are less distracted by things happening around them. Even someone walking by won’t distract you from what you’re doing.

Finally, the room that you’re in is going to have a whole lot more space when you put in that corner desk. Because these desks are typically smaller and use up space that you usually don’t use anyway, they’re a great way to free up even more floor space. That way, you can add in other furniture that you need (or want).

How to Keep Your Desk Clean and Organized

Your desk is going to be the way that you make money or the way that you get your work done for school or other purposes. That means you need to have it organized in a way that makes it easy to use. So, how are you going to do that?

Keep it cleared off: One of the first things you should do is keep your desk completely cleared off. That means you don’t leave any papers sitting on top of the desk or any pens and other office supplies. Instead, put everything away in drawers or cabinets.

Have a system: If you create an overall system for putting everything away and where to put it when you’re done with it, you’re going to be better off. You’ll be more likely to follow that system and more likely to stay organized over time.

Eliminate distractions: Don’t let yourself get distracted while you’re working or when it’s time to clean up. If you do, it’s only going to cause you more trouble later on. If you don’t clean up each day, it’s going to make it harder for you to clean up the next time and the next until you don’t want to clean up at all because there’s too much.

How to Setup a Corner Desk

Are you ready to set up your desk? If you are, then take a look at this section. It’s actually easier than you might think to get yourself set up and ready to start using your desk.

Set up your computer: The first thing you want to do is set up your computer so that it is where you want it. This will make sure that you don’t put something else in the way without realizing it.

Organize your accessories: If you use a separate keyboard or mouse, you want to set those where you want them. These are accessories you need to have available and usable, so set them up relative to your computer before anything else.

Decide what’s most important: What files or books or other items are you going to use the most often? Those are things that you need to check into next. Put those in the drawers or cabinets on your desk so you can access them as quickly as possible.

Skip everything else: Once you’ve put all of the necessities and the most important things in and on your desk, it’s time to stop. Don’t fill up your desk with a lot of clutter. It’s only going to make it harder to use later on.


Now you should be ready to choose the best corner desk for your home or office. And you should know which one it is. Just in case you’re still not sure, though, we have a couple that we think are going to get you the best bang for your buck.

If you want a desk that’s going to be great for crafting or for larger projects, then the Monarch Specialties Desk is a great way to go. It will give you plenty of storage and let you work at different levels so you can complete extra projects as needed.

For those who want something made with durable materials, you can check out the Walker Edison option. It’s made with steel and glass to create a stylish look that still has the strength to support just about anything you might need. Plus it’s going to look great at the same time.

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